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Sample North Dakota Private Investigator License

North Dakota Private Investigator License

Once you decide to begin your career as a private investigator in North Dakota, you are to apply for a license. This is the main thing you will have to obtain while working. Keep on reading this passage and get all your needed information here.

Demands for becoming a PI

In this state, the licensing process and requirements are different compared with many other states. The main difference is that the process is much easier. That is to say, you are to have only a PI certificate. Once you own one you can start working. You will not need other training courses.

There are cases when one does not even need this certificate. To explain he/she works at a licensed PI agency supervision. But if you want to work for your own business, it is absolutely mandatory to have one. For this purpose, you are to:

  • have an analytical experience of 2000 hours;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • speak English fluently;
  • have a certificate of successfully passing an exam.

Besides these, you must not have a mental illness or a criminal record. Once you meet all these points, you can apply for your PI permission in ND. It is the PISB (Private Investigator and Security Board) that authorizes the process.

Do you need a PI license in ND?

As it is mentioned above, there are cases when you do not need it. To clarify, you need nothing, but a licensed ND private detective. You will work under his or her supervision. But if you want to work for yourself or your business, you are to obtain a kind of permission, which is a PI certificate. You will meet the same above-mentioned demands. Moreover,  you should have 2,000 hours of investigative experience

This is one of the fields, that prefer experience rather than any training. But if you want to become an expert in this sphere or a master of your work, you should combine these two and become an in-demand worker not only in North Dakota but also all over the USA.

Can a private detective carry a gun?

As a rule, they do not need a gun. This is real life, not a detective film. Their job deals with some cases, and not criminals and arrests. But for safety, many investigators wish to have one, whenever they reveal organized crime cases.

Besides, looking from a psychological standpoint, you can see that a gun gives an investigator a sense of power. Yet, they have no advantage compared to ordinary people. For carrying a weapon, all people, including PIs, should have a CCW (concealed weapon) permit. It is the law enforcement agency that issues this permit. For this, you are to meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at the age of 21 and older
  • Have an American citizenship
  • Pass a criminal history check
  • Pass a test on CCW license Manual
  • Submit the online application

In conclusion, being a PI is not just a job, it is a matter of investigative skills, that you need to have. Once you find yourself as a hard-working person with analytical thinking skills you can get your North Dakota private investigator permission and try yourself in this field at an early age.

As this job does not require special education and training, just your wish is enough. You can also look through our other articles like the Utah Private Investigator License page, which may help you or your friends who live there.

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