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Sample North Dakota Plumbing License

North Dakota Plumbing License

If you are a skilled plumber it is not enough to launch your career. So, what do we need to have? Maybe, firstly you thought about tools? But we do not mean that. Indeed, you must hold a North Dakota plumbing license.

Probably, you faced problems upon employment. Companies do not hire you because of its absence. Without it, you can’t perform as an employee in the state. This is evidence of your professionalism․ Also, it allows you to practice legally.

Here we compiled the whole information you should know. We are going to answer all your questions.


To work in your profession you are to obtain two kinds of licenses:

The second variant has its categories. They indicate your proficiency. Moreover, they show how much you earn for a project:

  • D- $100k
  • C- $300k
  • B- $500k
  • A- unlimited

In addition, there are three levels based on worker’s independence:

  • Apprentice

They are beginners who assist in water supply jobs. It refers to pipes’:

  • Installation
  • Alteration
  • Repair

These students are in the learning stage. So, they exercise their skills under the control of higher-level specialists.

  • Journeyman

They deal with practical jobs as their principal occupation. The law required them to have both certificates of:

  • Contractor
  • Journeyman
  • Master

To this group belong professionals of the sphere. They are also familiar with local rules and regulations.


Certainly, demands vary from one license to another.
Let’s begin with apprentices. 30 days before apprenticeship you must:

  • submit an application on NDPB;
  • pay a fee.

Charge amounts depend on the years of experience you have:

  • 1 – $20
  • 2 – $30
  • 3 – $40
  • 4 – $50
  • 5 and more – $75

Thus, you also refresh your certificate.

To be a journeyman licensee you should:

  • participate in a 4-hour board-approved course within a two-year period;
  • have 7600 working hours;
  • send the application to the Board;
  • pay $100;
  • succeed in the exam.
    *Yet, in the case of failure, you are able to retake it after 6 months.

Eventually, for a master permit you have to:

  • be at least 21 y/o;
  • have 3400-hour experience as a craftsman;
  • fill up the request form;
  • give $200;
  • pass the licensure test.
    *Check the schedule and register earlier.

How to take classes online?

This was more common during the pandemic. Then, it became preferable due to its comfortability. So, many platforms started to provide such services. Tradesman CE is one of them. But upon selecting a program be sure that it is accredited. Otherwise, you will not qualify.
Yet, we advise you to choose offline lessons. Undoubtedly, they study deeper knowledge.


This should occur yearly by the 31st of December. Firstly, you are to complete four-hour continuing education. Definitely, you have to give charges too. It ranges from $75 to $165.

You may also do that on the website. For this reason, sign in to the official portal of NDSG and then follow the instructions.


ND shares reciprocal agreements with:

  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • SD

Accordingly, you can transfer your permit from and to these regions. However, the process is not easy. Some people think they need just a copy of their license. But, in fact, you have to:

  • bring proof of endorsement from your residence;
  • apply for a new paper.

What is the advantage of being a resident of these states? You get the document without examination.

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