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Sample North Dakota Insurance License

North Dakota Insurance License

In North Dakota, you must have a license to sell, negotiate and make insurance deals. Hence, you must get an insurance license before you can step into the insurance industry.

The purpose of this guide is outline the steps you can take to obtain the North Dakota insurance license and reach your goal.

Steps to become an insurance agent in North Dakota

Step 1: Complete pre-exam education

Unlike most states, North Dakota does not have any requirements on pre-exam education. You will not need to obtain a particular number of hours or credits to be eligible for the insurance license. Moreover, you will not have to provide verification of insurance courses to the North Dakota Insurance Department.

As a result, you are to choose the learning method. You can prepare by classroom instruction or self-study. Either one will work as long as you devote some time to your studies.

If you need study material and classroom schedules, you may obtain them from a number of pre-license providers.

Step 2: Take North Dakota insurance exam

The next step is to take the North Dakota insurance license exam, which is quite an important part of licensing. Make sure to apply for all the lines of authority you wish to qualify for.

In North Dakota, the licensing exam consists of two parts- Product and Laws & Regulations. It is preferable to take the full exam in one sitting. This feature may only be useful for retaking one part of the exam in case you fail on your first attempt.

To schedule an exam, click here. See to it that you register with your full legal name. The examination fee is $49 for each attempt.

On the exam day, bring two forms of identification with you. Bring a Primary ID (driver’s license, state issued identification card, US Government issued passport, military identification card, alien registration card) and a Secondary ID (signed credit card , social security card).

In the examination room, the personnel will ask you to leave your personal belongings in another room as you may only bring approved items.

In similar manner, you cannot wear bulky or loose clothes, and have any type of electronic device with you.
These security measures are to make sure that you do not conceal recording devices or notes for cheating on the test.

Step 3: Submit the application

Once you pass the state exam, you can apply for your license. Make sure to apply for all desired lines of authority.

Follow this link to apply online. The online application fee is $105 ($5 for the online service).

Contact Information

North Dakota Insurance Department
Agent Licensing Division
State Capitol, 5th Floor, Dept. 401
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0320
Phone: 701-328-2440 or 800-247-0560
Fax: 800-247-0560 or 701-328-4880

Is it hard to get your insurance license in North Dakota?

In the beginning, when you just start the licensing process, it may seem a little overwhelming. Moreover, you may feel that there is just so much material to learn and remember. However, with time you will start to learn more quickly and understand the basic concepts of the insurance industry.

Taking the state exam is one of the most difficult parts of getting the insurance license. Regardless of this fact, there is no need to worry, as you will easily pass the test if you prepare properly.

Even if you fail one of the exam portions, you will have the opportunity to retake the failed part.

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