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Sample North Dakota Contractor License Classifications

North Dakota Contractor License Classifications

Do you want to start your new construction project in North Dakota? Or perhaps you want to know which contractor license type could be suitable for you. You may get confused about the contractor license classification and which will fit the scope of work you want to practice. Don’t worry, this article is here to help you. Together, we will explore all the license types along with the short descriptions. This way, you will get the idea of which ND contractor’s license you want and where you should apply. So let’s go!

Primary license classification

The North Dakota Secretary of State establishes a rule to require a contractor license if the project’s cost or price per job exceeds the sum of $4,000. The State defines a contractor as:

  • any person or company who does construction, repair, alteration, or demolition… of every other type of structure, project, development, or improvement.

In other words, almost any contractor who works on a construction project should have a license. There are 4 primary license classes and specialty license types that have separate licensing requirements. Therefore, depending on the value of the construction projects there are four primary license classes: Class A, B, C, D. Consequently, let’s discuss each class type down below.

Class A contractor’s license

This class doesn’t have a limitation on the value of the construction project. The initial application for a class A license costs $450.

Class B contractor’s license

The holders of Class B licenses can work on projects that have a value up to $500,000. The initial application fee for this class is $300.

Class C contractor’s license

With class C, you will be able to work on constructions that have up to $300,000 project value. The cost of the initial application for this class is $225.

Class D contractor’s license

Class D limits the project’s value to $100,000. To obtain this license you will need to pay a $100 initial application fee as well as $30 to renew it.

Additional Classification for ND License Types

Apart from the above-mentioned classes, there are other contractor license classifications along with respectful sub-classifications that will undergo different application processes. To clarify, the following contractor’s license types should meet all the license requirements before providing services:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Sewer and water contractor
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Water well contractor
  • Transient merchant
  • Electrical License

Licensed Electrician

To become a licensed electrician you should meet the requirements that the North Dakota State Electrical Board issues.

Electrical licenses are subdivided into 3 classifications:

  • Apprentice electrician. Refers to a person who learns electrical skills and knowledge under the supervision of a licensee
  • Journeymen. Journeymen electricians get a license if they possess 2,000 hours of experience working under the direct supervision of a licensed master electrician. So to obtain a journeyman electrical license you should pass the exam and pay a $25 application fee
    Class B. The class B electrician should have 3,000 hours of experience and a graduate degree of a 2-year program in an accredited electrical school. Class B electricians should pay a $40 application fee to receive a license
  • Master.  Master electricians in ND need to have 8,000 hours of experience for at least 3 years to obtain a license. The application fee for the master electrician is $50
  • Plumbing License

Plumbing License

The process of obtaining a plumbing license is regulated by the North Dakota State Plumbing Board. Based on the skills and knowledge in the specialty there are 3 categories of ND plumber license types:

  • Apprentice.  Under the personal supervision of a master or a journeyman, a person learns and engages in the assistance of plumbing-related works
  • Journeyman. This category defines a person who can work for instance on the installation or repair of plumbing.  The registration fee for the following license type costs $100
  • Master. This is the highest level of classification for plumbers who can e.g., supervise, plan, or get involved in any type of project that requires a plumber’s work. Master plumber license costs $200
  •  Sewer and Water contractor’s license

In addition to the plumbing licenses, the ND State Plumbing Board also regulates several license types for sewer and water contractors. So here are the lists of sewer and water contractor licenses that the Board offers:

  • Sewer and water apprentice
  • Sewer and water contractor license
  • Water conditioning contractor
  • Sewer and water installer license
  • Water conditioning apprentice
  • Water well contractor

There are many license types available for water well contractors. So here are some of the water well contractor trades that are offered by the North Dakota Board of Water Well:

  • Geothermal
  • Monitoring well
  • Water well

If you apply for an active license the cost will be $200 and will allow contractors to drill. However, if you apply for an inactive water well contractor’s license the drilling option will be absent and the application cost will be $100.

Asbestos Abatement

If you want to become a contractor for an asbestos abatement you should apply to the Asbestos Control Program within the ND State’s Department of Health Division of Air Quality. The program works under North Dakota Air Pollution Control Rules and therefore is responsible to issue contractors for asbestos abatement licenses and certification. The cost of an asbestos contractor license is $150.

Transient Merchant

Transient merchants wanting to be licensed in North Dakota should apply to the Attorney General. That is to say, according to the official website, any individual or company carrying out transient business in the state should obtain a transient merchant’s license. In short, if an individual or company works in one location or when changes the location from place to place may not operate in the state if there is no license.

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