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Sample North Dakota Barber License

North Dakota Barber License

Getting a North Dakota barber license consists of several easy steps. If you are an enthusiastic one, it means it is time to start your own business in this sphere. Here you should know that the North Dakota Barbers Association issues the official permission.

Due to this article, you gain all the necessary information for your career.


To master this beautiful craft, you have to know all the requirements. Initially, the first condition is to complete the training course consisting of 1,550 hours. However, you must be at least 17 years old to participate in this training.
Next, you will find all the information in more detail below.


Participating in this class helps you obtain both theoretical and practical skills. Based on training hours it includes:

  • safety and hygiene
  • chemistry
  • anatomy of the head, face and neck
  • the microscopic structure of nerves, muscles, hair and skin tissues
  • head and facial massage
  • the usage of hairdressing and shaving equipment
  • the usage of hair care and skincare means such as shampoos, oils, creams and lotions
  • hair bleaching and dying
  • hair cutting style

According to the density of the lessons, the program of study costs $250 for 727 days (1,550 hours).
Nevertheless, based on the method of this learning process, you gain all the knowledge necessary for your career.


Once finishing your program of study, you must fill out an application for further qualification․

First of all, after completing your education, the respective association of the state mentioned above should approve it. In other words, you get it only via the examiners of this state. Then, you should pass a one-year probationary period which is important for your skills. Besides, it has a significant role in qualifying for the final certification process.

Consequently, only after all these conditions, it is possible to participate in the final exam. Please note that before taking the exam, you should prepare and present the following documents:

  • graduate certificate in a hairdressing course
  • a photograph that is signed
  • HSD
  • $50 fee for apprentice exam
  • $100 fee for master testing
  • $100 fee for licensing
  • all payment method is acceptable except for personal checks

Only after fulfilling all these conditions, you will be able to take the test․


The examination of a North Dakota barber license takes place at least 4 times a year. It consists of written and practical sections․ The same goes for Florida.

The written component shows the theoretical part of your knowledge. On the other hand, the practical component shows your skills in how you master hairdressing techniques.

If you want to finish the educational program, your score should be 70% or higher. Otherwise, you must pass another 160 hours to complete it.

Despite all this, it is very easy to take the test. The density of the lessons gives you all the theoretical and practical information that is required for you. Moreover, you gain the knowledge you need. Besides, due to practice, you are capable of developing your skills.

Renew Your ND Barber License

To renew your official certificate, you have to follow these simple steps:

Firstly, you have to complete 6 hours of continuing education every year. It can be done through workshops, seminars and video lectures. Secondly, you may also participate in the annual conference of the Association. However, you must take into account that the possible time of renewal is until August 1. In addition, it costs $100 annually.


For verification of your license, visit here.

Advantages of hairdressing in North Dakota

This profession is becoming more and more popular in this state. Here trainers give you all information to reveal your talent and skills.

One thing is that you need to study hard. Although, due to the well-organized training, you can only enjoy the whole process. As mentioned above this set of lectures includes all the necessary processes you need. To sum up, if you are motivated by this course, you are a perfect specialist in this sphere.

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